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Entry #3

Call of Eennaamhier

2009-04-02 12:51:29 by schadow-of-an-angel

I finaly submited a flash in the portal please go rate and comment.

check it out here :


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2009-04-02 12:58:08

Wow, not bad for a first flash. You have my 5.

I didn't play for long, but the bullet just... passes through, maybe you can fix that?

Just like how I'd have to fix the walls on everyroom I go into, they all seems to close in on me, then stops.

schadow-of-an-angel responds:

Thanks for your comment.
I wil show the walls when i submit the game and there wil most likely be lots of maps inside of buildings so you don't have to worry about that.
And im gonna try fixing the bullet thing i but only for the ground and the visible walls becaus if a bullet hits the air and there is a hole in the air that wouldn't make much sense.


2009-04-02 13:40:29

Its great!i voted 5.

awesome game man!

and i guess that might be another save for

schadow-of-an-angel responds:

Thanks for the vote dexter


2010-11-03 12:02:03

Not bad, a good start; try fix the bullets going through the enemies. Also it needs some music, feel free to use any my bands music. I can remove vocals/edit/loop it if that helps. best of luck